Summer Lovin

The summer sun has me feeling so good! I absolutely couldn’t wait for it to get hotter and my skin to get a little darker. Summer has arrived and the sun dresses are going to be coming out. I absolutely couldn’t wait to start just wearing dresses and rompers due to the fact that they are just so easy to slip on and go! 

The dress was bought at American eagle a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it! I love how it is a tye dye color and super simple. You could pair it with almost every wedge as well. 

Happy summer lovies, 


Simple Beauty 

The simple things in life are amazing! I love simple yet eye catching. The makeup here is from MAC Cosmetics, although I have switched over my foundation I still have a love for their lipsticks and primers. The powder here I use for setting my makeup and keeping my face from getting oily. I tend to have somewhat of a dry face until I put makeup on and then it gets oily so I use the powder to soften and it keep things flowing. The lipstick on display is my go to for spring and summer. It is more of a pink color although it can look like a nude once put on. It pretty much goes with everything I wear during the spring and summer. The color of the lipstick is called Mehr, it is definitely a great purchase. The simple lingerie is one of my new favorites. It was bought at Victoria’s Secret it was apart of a sneak preview for the Semi Annual Sale going on now. I absolutely love lingerie so does my boyfriend seeing as he’s bought me plenty. I can absolutely say there’s more to come. I have a big love for lingerie and want more because hey just like shoes you can never have enough. Cotton on has had some amazingly scented candles this one in particular Christopher and I found in Riverside in February. I have written about it before and might I say I love burning it. 
Semi Annual Sale // Mac Cosmetics // Cotton On

Casual to Bar Style 

It’s been a real chill out here lately in little Susanville. While out the other day I threw together this outfit which I know is very simple. I tend to wear jeans that are a tighter fit. 

1. Although they are capris I have had to roll them a little due to being short. Short girl probs. They are an old pair of jeans bought from Abercrombie. Can be found  here. The top is one of my favorites this year which was bought from Cotton On at 3 for $30 so I definitely couldn’t pass up that with those amazing graphic tees. Cotton on is one of my favorite stores, they are a very simple company with tons of pop to their pieces. I wore this outfit out and about with my faux leather jacket which is always a go to when I don’t know what other jacket to wear. The jacket is old but here is a Similar one. 

With this outfit I was able to dress it up with a pair of booties that were bought in Riverside earlier this year from Tillys. Chris loved them off me and made me try then on. 

The booties are always a great touch when you want a casual outfit to be dressed up ever so slightly. 

PRIDE month 

Due to the fact that it is pride month and I am very aware that many people are celebrating and showing their amazing colors. My brother and his friends are celebrating in Long Beach. He is having a blast out there and I couldn’t be more happy for his happiness. He was showing me his style and the way he was dressing I know my brother has some fashionista in him. 

Of course he likes to think he can pull off crop tops better than I can but who’s to say that we have to be better than one another. He of course put his clothing together just on a whim he definitely has an eye for putting this together which is why I go to him for a lot of my dress up clothing seeing as I love being more of a tomboy. He is someone to watch out for seeing as he is an amazing person. I can always see that he’s out for fun and party. 

Let me give you a back ground on pride month. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month) is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan.

It is an amazing unbelievable time due to new ages coming together to promote these festivals of peace and happiness let alone come together as one. 

Have an adventurous life baby brother! 



Romper Life 

I can tell you now that I pretty much live in Rompers during the summer. I have so much love for them they are an easy go to with you don’t feel like matching things together, pretty much being super lazy! Although they have a down side to pretty much being completely naked while going to the restroom. They are also very good for a bathing suit cover up. This particular Romper was bought at Victoria Secret on sale for $25! And it was a sneak preview of their semi annual sale, so I definitely recommend going there! The shoes I’ve talked about before they are from DSW and super in love especially since they go with everything! 

Happy kick off to Summer loves! 



Function of ME 

Function of Vannesa, well function of beauty with my customizable touch. I have been trying this new hair care product, it’s AMAZING! I highly recommend trying the product that you are able to costumize for your own hair. Who knows your hair better than yourself?! Well my hair dresser does but hey it’s worth it! I’m absolutely in love with how my hair feels and how well this product works. The steps for customizing the Shampoo and conditioner is simple and easy to follow. I have a true love for my hair and definitely love how it’s feeling lately. 

To get $5 off a link is below 

Function of Beauty
Happy hair care product! ❤️

Wedges by Steve Madden 

I am absolutely in love with these shoes. They are amazingly comfortable and all the rave with style this summer. I absolutely love wearing wedges and would wear them everywhere with the right outfit. I can pretty much see myself wearing this with everything, I got them in black for that reason because well black goes with everything. I have seen these shoes all over shoedazzle and as well as Marc Jacobs site. I was in love with the price that I found at DSW though, so by all means I would jump on them! 

Kentucky Derby Fun 

This past weekend my framily (not a typo) and I got together to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. No I didn’t get a cool hat to wear due to the fact that my mom told about the party late. But I would love to tell you about these jeans from Hudson. Probably the most comfortable white jeans I’ve owned. My boyfriend bought them online from Hudson. They are suppose to be capris but y’all know I’m short so I rolled them because they are like regular jeans on me. White jeans are always a want to keep clean and obviously look amazing. Even when you are around a bunch of kiddos it’s always daring to wear white pants. I could definitely be one to say I’m usually dropping stuff, like food on my clothing. 

They will definitely be a closet staple for you this summer. As well as the neutral colors that I am wearing. Couldn’t be more happy with the jeans babe!

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