Fallish Winter

It’s for sure not Halloween anymore, but my outfit definitely reminded me of American Horror story. Definitely could have hung with those witches. Anywho, my outfit was very fallish and I absolutely loved it. Crazy fun with this color, mustard yellow! It’s a fall color and even a wintery color. Black is the usual color that forms well with it. Fall is definitely a one day season up here so I have been working the colors into my winter fashion and it’s simply easy! There are many different was to add the mustard yellow into your wardrobe without over doing it. Adding just a hint of it with a shirt or scarf is a great touch for fall colors. 


Workout Fun 

Shenanigan fun, working out can always be full of joy! I recently did a workout that honestly I didn’t think I would have been able to do. I pushed myself and finished in great spirits though! 

Every minute on the minute I completed one of these tasks for 15 minutes. 

6 Power Cleans 

12 Push ups 

10 Jump Squats 

8 Obliques with Kettle Bell 

After all of this I went on a run and a cool down! 

Definitely a great workout. You will feel it the next day. 

If you complete one of the tasks before the minute is over then that is your time to take a rest. 

Happy workouts y’all! 

Kind of Fall 

Fall doesn’t last long here as I’ve seen but I still enjoy it while it’s lasts. I recently received some clothing from ROMWE.com in the mail and I have definitely been having fun with it. The top specifically is from the site. I was able to get good clothing from there without breaking the bank. It is always a great thing when shopping doesn’t break your bank. The long sleeve is a crop top although I wish I got it a little bigger. I love fall weather so I’m trying to enjoy it here as much as I possibly can. My jeans are Joe’s jeans and they are my absolute favorite they definitely fit like a glove. I’ve had them for years and got them on sale during Black Friday one year and definitely NEED more! Growing more in love with the nature around me here, it’s amazing with the views I have! 

                              ROMWE || Jeans

New Journey

I’m beginning to realize that what you put into your body is what you’re going to get out of it. Breakfast is definitely a very important meal and should be eaten. No more candy for breakfast no more not eating. Fueling your body is what’s best for it. I am looking for a shake to help fuel my body while on the go. Sometimes it isn’t so easy to just be at home and make food all the time. I’m starting to make better choices and actually want to see the outcomes of the hard work that I put into the gym. Eat what’s good for you even if it doesn’t taste good. 

My leggings are from X by Gottex. Absolutely love their brand and for an affordable price. The top is Nike as well as the training shoes. The hat is from LuluLemon. 

Any suggestions on protein drinks is definitely appreciated! 


Simple Workout

I took a couple weeks break of working out and I’m definitely regretting it. I will be showing a before picture starting this week of myself and I am definitely cracking down on the way I eat and how often I workout. I will be pushing myself even though I’ve said it before I definitely need to change some habits. 

Here’s one simple workout for y’all: 

10 Split Squats (You can choose to use weight) 

10 Reverse Burpee 

10 Regular Burpee 

10 Snap Jump & Push Up 

10 Bench Hop 

3 times each! 

Let’s get this workout in happy workout y’all! 

Perfect Fall Boots 

So I’m totally enjoying the cooler weather, something to get used to up here that it’s a hell of a lot more colder than back in Stockton. But hey it’s okay I love dressing for that type of weather. I can drink some hot chocolate and watch some scary movies along with my favorite Hocus Pocus. Anywho, I added a new pair of boots to my collection. They just appeared at Ross one day and HAD to get them, especially for the price they were at. I wear a woman’s size 6 so it’s sometimes difficult for me to snatch some shoes up here when really they don’t get very many. I absolutely love them! The boots are 100% waterproof, which to me is amazing! I don’t recommend running around in puddles and jumping in muddy stuff but they are great when it comes to water. They are perfect for the cooler weather but you can also wear them with shorts and a flannel. Super perfect for fall weather as well, especially enjoying those pumpkin patch fun trips. 

Now I know some people may not be a big fan of the shirt but hey I’ve had plenty of haters in past, present and I’m sure they still will be there in the future. The shirt is from ROMWE.com I actually have the app so I go on there frequently. It was only $9.99 so I highly recommend checking out the site for some awesome deals. I couldn’t help the black on black with a pop of a blush pink beanie. ROMWE has so deals that you won’t be able to miss! 

Happy Sunday Funday! 

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Bath Bombs 

I had the privilege to buy some amazing bathbombs created by Hazel Cakes! I recently went to rails to trails festival in Susanville and bought some bathbombs that I completely fell in love with. The little girl created this business so she could buy herself a laptop. She is definitely making a profit. Each one of these is definitely made with love and she’s starting off her business right! 

I bought one that smells like pear, cool water and some others! When using the bathbombs you simply pull off the cupcake wrapper take the topper off that looks like frosting and drop it in. It fizzes until desolved and smells amazing! The frosting looking part is actually a sugar scrub. It smells just like frosting as well and is definitely a great feeling of being soft after a bath. 

Thank you Hazel for the amazing bathbombs, I absolutely love! 

Trails to Rails Festival

The other day I went to a little festival my town was having. There were food vendors as well as little vendors to buy home made trinquets and even wood furniture, that I absolutely fell in love with. 

We both went to the burrito vendor to get burritos because I’ve definitely been craving a good one. We both go chicken. They were out of a lot of stuff so we decided to go basic. I was definitely starving and the burrito filled the spot. 

Next we walked around a little to look at the vendors and we came across a friend of Christopher’s who was entered in a chili cook off. He was defending his title to the cook off and boy was his chili hot and amazingly good! 

We did stop at another vendor that was selling bath bombs and soaps which I fell in love with. But that’s for a post later on! 

Enjoy the week. We are taking off for some fun! 

Adventure Vibes

I love viewing the nature around me. I have been having fun adventuring on the town I recently moved to. I have a new love for nature and all it’s beauty. I’ve never actually been a nature girl. Although I did live in the country I was really spoiled by the men in my life who took care of things like bugs and the wild life of it. I can let you know it’s a great way to spend some time alone. Looking at the beauty of the things around you should be a must! 

I wanted to go out in something comfortable so I chose to wear some capris that are jeggings so they are like jeans but super stretchy you’re able to move around and such. They are from Abercrombie. Definitely great for spring, summer, and even fall. I paired the jeggings with an olive colors tank. The tank in the back is a low back so it definitely adds to the outfit. And once that was put together I added a sweater because it was a bit chilly outside. It was a great walk and adventure. Take your time and enjoy the things around you! 


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