Summer Love 

This summer I’ve been a little more on the not so dressing up trend, I love to keep things simple. I love being comfortable as well, especially running around doing errands. These past couple of weeks have been real busy for Christopher and I, having back to back trips to Tahoe one for a tournament and two for a family vacation with my framily (family friends). I wanted to be able to run some errands while Hubs was working and I was able to pack our stuff and get some last minute things to help our travel necessities. 

I absolutely love stretchy pants and how they are able to let my thick legs and booty breathe. I can say that pairing it with a simple white tank was definitely the best choice. I gave it a little pizazz by adding the sandals which have some gold and silver touches. I also added in the lipstick which I love and will probably be sharing more of. Darker colors are always my go to with lipsticks. Comfort goes a long way while running errands. Wearing loose braids was also a look I was going for. The messy hair style is sorta my thing due to the fact that I tend to either mess it up anyways or Chris likes to think it’s funny and messes it up for me. 

Without lipstick works as well to keep things simple but it does add a touch when your are about to take off and leave for a weekend getta way with the hubs and family. Share your comfy errand clothes! 

Summer Floral

This floral print is so beautiful. Absolutely loving the floral print as you can tell it has definitely taken a place in my heart this summer. I usually try and stay away from prints on shirts being that I try and stay simple. It was bought from American Eagle. With their new stuff coming out I had to grab it. There were other Off shoulder shirts I was definitely in love with as well. 

Let me tell you I went a little over board with the ripped distressed jeans this time. I know my uncles will probably say something. They are ripped both in the front and in the back. I absolutely love them! Let me tell you though they are a little hard to put on so definitely don’t put them on in a rush. I am wearing a size 2 with that being said they are high waisted and my highs surprisingly fit the size 2. They are perfect for spring and summer because well the rips are breathable. I have to say I’ll definitely be wearing these out. 

P.S. I bought Zoë and Dagger for Chris on his birthday last year, but they are definitely my babies. Such playful little ones. 

Chillin with My Off Shoulder 

Recently I had become a fan of the off shoulder, I was never really a fan off the whole off Shoulder thing being that I kind of have broad shoulders and well didn’t like it much. But hey, who cares?! I can definitely pull it off and have come around to loving them! I can definitely say I was over thinking the whole shoulder thing and should have just tried it from the beginning. The top was bought from Ross obviously not a name brand though. I loved it because it was different and not like the gangham style ones I’ve seen. I can totally have fun and rock them during summer and spring as well as carrying them into the fall. I paired them with a pair of my high waisted shorts from American Eagle as well as my Sperry boat shoes. 

I love wearing the high waisted shorts due to the fact that I feel like my legs can breathe a lot better. These Sperry’s were bought a long time ago and secret is they were definitely in the kids section. So super score! I love being able to wear kids sizes as well. I have to say they whole look is definitely wearable as an everyday outfit or even for a family BBQ day. I of course had a fun day with my pups! 

Wrap Dress 

This dress of course we found at Ross again for a decent price and I couldn’t pass it up. It has such an amazing feel to it that is so comfortable I can’t explain. It is a wrap around Dress which is tied on the side from opening up. Which of course it could definitely open up with the wind but it’s how you pull it off and how you’re able to keep it in tacked. The dress is definitely a show off because I can show off my amazing legs. It also is a low neck so be careful if you’re not wearing a sticky bra or bra of some sort. I didn’t always love dresses but I have become very fond of them due to the fact that they can always be so simple to match with. The heels I’ve shown before are also from Ross but were from Guess. I absolutely love finding things so simple yet amazing! Living up here has taught me a lot about discounts at Ross being that’s the only place I have to shop unless I go out of town. Although they do have some awesome things there. 

Perfect for summer days and absolutely in love with dresses lately. 

P.S.  Don’t mind the oil in the pictures my car leaks… 

Jump Suit Life Style 

This weekend I was able to come home and spend some time with my family, while doing so I attended my best friends baby shower. It was an awesome opportunity to go out and find something dressy to wear for the occasion. I am the godmother of little Eliana and I couldn’t be more excited for the soon to be momma. 

The jumpsuit I wore is from Ross being that I have pretty much only one store to go out and shop from living up in Susanville. It was an awesome find being that I literally got it for $6.99. I’m usually the one to wear rompers so wear a jumpsuit wasn’t much of a change other than they have more material on the bottom part. Although it is a hassle to go to the bathroom in they are always super cute if you can pull it off. 

The stripes on the suit are flattering and I love all the colors combined within it. I paired them with more of an open toed shoe to add to the flair bottoms. I didn’t wear much jewelry being that the neck went high, so I matched the outfit with some gold earings. I tend to not carry a purse so I just had my phone. Over all I’m so happy with the new find that I got and will be showing more later on. As well as my hair tutorial I had today. 

What are your fav summer finds this year? 

Summer Suit

Lately I’ve been really into one pieces. I absolutely love bathing suits and I usually would live in them during summer. We recently went to Chico to drop off my sister and we went into a store just to look around and stumbled across this bathing suit. It’s honestly so amazing in it will be shown soon. I couldn’t believe when Chris told me to get it. I was so in love with the suit. 

Happy weekend lovies. ❤️

Summer Lovin

The summer sun has me feeling so good! I absolutely couldn’t wait for it to get hotter and my skin to get a little darker. Summer has arrived and the sun dresses are going to be coming out. I absolutely couldn’t wait to start just wearing dresses and rompers due to the fact that they are just so easy to slip on and go! 

The dress was bought at American eagle a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it! I love how it is a tye dye color and super simple. You could pair it with almost every wedge as well. 

Happy summer lovies, 


Simple Beauty 

The simple things in life are amazing! I love simple yet eye catching. The makeup here is from MAC Cosmetics, although I have switched over my foundation I still have a love for their lipsticks and primers. The powder here I use for setting my makeup and keeping my face from getting oily. I tend to have somewhat of a dry face until I put makeup on and then it gets oily so I use the powder to soften and it keep things flowing. The lipstick on display is my go to for spring and summer. It is more of a pink color although it can look like a nude once put on. It pretty much goes with everything I wear during the spring and summer. The color of the lipstick is called Mehr, it is definitely a great purchase. The simple lingerie is one of my new favorites. It was bought at Victoria’s Secret it was apart of a sneak preview for the Semi Annual Sale going on now. I absolutely love lingerie so does my boyfriend seeing as he’s bought me plenty. I can absolutely say there’s more to come. I have a big love for lingerie and want more because hey just like shoes you can never have enough. Cotton on has had some amazingly scented candles this one in particular Christopher and I found in Riverside in February. I have written about it before and might I say I love burning it. 
Semi Annual Sale // Mac Cosmetics // Cotton On

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