Comfy for Book Club

I have been apart of this book club for two months now and I can tell you I love getting hard covered books deliveries directly to my door! The book I recently received is "EAT ONLY WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY." Ironic since I love eating hahah! I can tell you that I used to hate reading in school, stupid text books. I love to read for fun and when things intrigue me. When you sign up through it takes you to their site in which you build a profile of what you would like to read and your interests. From then they give a monthly choice of books for just $10 a month, now you can add extras to your cart for $10 more dollars. Now each month you can choose to add extras for the extra $10 from previous choices of the months. If you sign up you won't be disappointed.

Now being comfy while out reading your book of the month is always a plus. I wore some simple jean shorts from America Eagle, they are midis and I love how stretchy and comfy they are. The plan black tank is one that was bought with a pair from Victoria Secret Pink and they always have good deals with tees, tanks, and v-necks.
Now for shoes I went with my vans, they easily slip on and off so when you want to break out that blanket and kick your shoes off it's always a plus!

Happy reading y'all!!!

Function of Beauty 3 Month Update!

I recently received my 3rd month supply of shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty and I can tell you I am very pleased with the product. The product allows you to choose what you would like to have as goals for your hair, I chose some different ones from last time like deep condition, lengthen, anti-frizz, soothe scalp, and hydrate!

You as well get to choose the fragrance how strong you would like it and the profile of your hair, mine is straight of course, coarse because it is very thick and I have so much hair, as well as my scalp is sort of dry.

They come with instructions about how to care with your hair as well, such as them telling me to wash my hair 3-4 times a week which is probably a lot less then what I used to wash it.

The smell and the feel of your hair just moments after using it is definitely amazing. You are able to choose when you would like to have your deliveries. Every time it comes to the point of ordering another set it will allow you to change anything in the goals, fragrance, amount, or how often you receive it. Having individuality with your hair is a definite must because all hair is not the same. I can tell you you won't be disappointed. The shampoo and conditioner are delivered directly to your door! Happiness with the individuality as well as the fact that this product was not tested on animals!

You can use this CODE to get $5 off your first purchase!!!

Sephora Beauty Box

A friend of mine recently told me about the Sephora Box that she receives in the mail every month for just $10 it comes with samples of many different things Sephora is selling. Things such as their best sellers and what they have new coming out. I had to subscribe! Being in love with makeup and hair products and testing new things out is always fun! They always have amazing products and can say that I'm definitely excited to try the monthly box. The box is sent out with different products each time and different brands each time. It is definitely a way to get a feel for certain things and not buy them in a bigger quantity before you know whether or not you like them. How it works: each month they curate a selection of products from hair to skin to fragrance. They then use your answers from the PLAY profile to determine which products would best work for you! Each monthly box comes with five deluxe makeup, skincare and hair care samples. A beauty makeup bag, access to videos and tutorials on how to. A play book with tips and tricks as well as bonus beauty insider points!
The deep conditioning product from Madam CJ Walker is amazing and would definitely use it again being that I definitely don't have a hair lady out here. The Rose face mask from Fresh is made with REAL rose pedals although smells a little odd it makes your face feel like roses after, soft and silky! The Bumble and Bumble is used to texturize your hair which I need for when I curl my hair, since it's always hard to hold a curl. The Tart lipstick in one of my favs it is a lighter color, considering I always have dark colors on and it is called Set Sail definitely a try for fall looking colors!
Happy beautifying Lovies!

Fall Feels 

Transitions into fall are always my favorite, of course spring and fall are the best seasons! Fall is always great for neutral colors and comfy clothes. I love the colors as well as love the comfiness. I have shown these leggings before and I love them. I can say that sweaters are the utmost comfortable thing with the wind rising and the weather turning colder. The sweater is from PAC Sun from. It is a small for refrence it is oversized and I love the feel of it. Under the sweater I have on a bralette from Express. Pairing bralettes with over sized sweaters is by far my favorite! I also wanted to be even more comfortable by pairing the outfit with my all white huaraches. The are Nike and I absolutely love them! Definitely am in need of a black pair though. More fall clothes to come! 


I wanted to try a new style, scratch that honestly I just wanted my hair braided and the bottom parts of my hair weren't working out for me very well so I just turned it into a bun! I normally like to wear my hair in braids when Christopher and I go out shooting so my hair isn't in my face or so it's just definitely out of the way.
1. First step I did was parted my hair for an even amount of braid on both sides. Then tied one side back so I could have full access to the other side.
2. I braided one said as a French braid all the way down. Then the next side.

3. After that I tied both braids back into a small pony, because let's face it my hair hasn't really grown.
4. Then I bunned it. Wooohoo there you go some braids and a bun.

Great for keeping your hair out of your face and loving the fact it is definitely a great updo. I was able to wear my hair like this all day and night without it falling out or getting frizzy.

Knee high Boots

Knee high boots, can I say amazing! I can tell you that these knee highs are to do for as well as others. I have worn them before with a skirt last year in Vegas when chris and I went out to dinner. Today I paired them with a pair of white jeans from Hudson I got for my birthday from Christopher. The jeans fit like a glove and I absolutely love. The colors are flow and are smoothed together especially with fall coming up. The boots tie in the back which I felt was a different vibe going on they do make for great party boots as well. Fall is coming with a bang and I am loving the fall colors as being neutrals and everything fitting like a glove.

Wonder Comfy

I can tell you that being comfy is literally what I love for. I absolutely love wearing leggings and sneakers they are my obsession. I can't help but always be in love with my Lululemon leggings and forever will be in love. I couldn't help but want more so therefore more is always better. The leggings are super comfy they have mesh on the bottoms as well. The leggings have pockets on both sides usually only big enough to carry money or a credit card. I matched the leggings with this oldie but goodie Jersey like Wonder Woman shirt. I bought it years ago for Halloween and I end up wearing it every now and then because it's just so comfy and Wonder Woman is amazing. The shoes I have on are Nike Jordan from Ross. I got them in the kids section! I couldn't be more happy with them, I have been trying to find a pair for awhile now and I finally found some! They are unbelievably comfortable for running errands as well.

Tupac Swag

I've had this shirt for a little and the cotton feeling of it is amazing! I have three shirts from the same cotton on company and might I say they are so breathable as well as comfortable. I have two other shirts that are rocker tees but hey Tupac loves on forever! Definitely one of my favorites tees to wear during summer and even winter with the right sweater or jacket it makes the perfect go to graphic print. The jeans add a bit of a flair to the shirt as well. They have rips and tears all over and let my legs breathe knowing they have a hard time with other certain jeans. They are ripped and torn in the backs of them as well.

I added a touch with the tie in the front and wanted to show off some of my midi but not all of it.

Travel in Style

I recently did some traveling to Tahoe and obviously I travel back home with Chris most of the time stockton isn't exactly the most amazing place to travel to though. But I will have to say I do just wear this outfit around town without the hat. The top is a tube top I bought awhile ago, honestly I bought it from Walmart no joke and it's most likely my favorite one I also have one in white. The bottoms are stretchy like the brown ones I have from a previous post. They are from forever and with the elastic at the bottom they are able to be pushed up. They have a detail on them that is sort of like a paisley looking but they make it pop so it's not just plain colors.

The hat and the bag are awesome touches as well. The bag is Michael Kors and was $100 at TJ Max back in Oregon when I lived there. It is a great bag for traveling being that it can fit so many things inside of it. My hat that is paired with this outfit on the rim says do not disturb, which is fun for a day on the beach or lake. I can definitely say this outfit wins for a travel errand run during a vacation as well as a layout on the beach.

Floppy Hat // Bag (similar) // Tube Top

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