Winter Wonderland 

Leggings (similar) Sweatshirt (similar)
This weekend has been an adventure here in Susanville Ca. I love the snow so much and being able to wake up to fresh snow on the ground. I could definitely get used to it. Although I love the snow I would like to talk about my outfit I have on here. It is all from Lululemon on my favorite places to shope at. For those who know me know I absolutely love that place. My sweatshirt super comfy has that  dryfit feel as well as the super soft inside. This sweatshirt is able to be worn with pretty much any type of bottoms. My leggings are super comfortable and have a very cool pocket on the side that I of course put my phone in. Although they are not snow clothes to go out and play in the snow with but they are clothes that are very warm and comfy to be worn in the cold weather. Both items I was able to score on the leggings at a clearance outlet and the hoodie at the Sacramento Arden mall during Black Friday. Although they are not in store anymore the attachments are for ones that are super similar. What’s your winter wear?!


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