70’s inspired in the 2000’s 

Jeans Boots (similar) Lipstick
70’s in the 2000’s why not? I absolutely love getting new things in my closet and making new outfits to inspire great outfits. My lipstick is SIN by MAC cosmetics. I was definitely inspired when I found this vest I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Of course I’m not one to buy jeans that are flared or even ones that are mid waist but these are definitely a favorite pair of jeans of mine. They are the brand Joe’s jeans and they are super comfortable. I’m not one to wear jeans often as you have probably read but these are a go to when I need to wear jeans. They are a little pricey but hey if they are comfortable and fit great why not? There are places to get the cheap like the outlet store I have been to which have tremendous deals. My shirt onsie I found at Ross definitely couldn’t beat the $5 price on it. Although the company who makes it does not have a website to look at. It is called Prime Cut and I haven’t been able to find it but if you could, then please let me know! I love the front of it and how it ties together could even be dressed up with a different pair of jeans to even go out at night with. My boots are old but definitely make a good fit with this outfit, they have a great combo of going out and even dressing them down just for a casual look. I love being inspired by different pieces of clothing I find and want to know what has inspired you!?


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