Hats n’ Boots 

Lipstick Boots (similar) Hat (similar)
Who loves wearing hats when they don’t want to do their hair?! Definitely ME! This is one of my favorite hats I own. I got it from Lululemon. Of course one of my favorite stores. It has super cute features on it. If you look closely there are tiny breathing holes for your head. Definitely great for working out in. My lipstick is Diva from MAC Cosmetics definitely a go to during the winter. This sweater unfortunately is not in stock anymore. I picked it up in a store last winter in Downtown Disney and fell in love with it. The back of the sweater opens up and gives it that let’s go party vibe! It has to be one of my go to’s when I’m super lazy or even to dress it up with some jeans. Here I’m wearing it with leggings of course. I love my leggings as you can see and read. My boots are Sanuk, many of you wear their sandals, I know I do. I fell in love with the boots for their comfort and their design on the boot. They are super original and I have been given many compliments on them. I’m so happy that I can dress comfortably but also make it look like I didn’t just wake up. What’s your comfy outer wear? Share some ideas and trends!


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