Plaid Comfy Flannels 

Flannels have always been a go to during the winter time. I have a few different ones even including a white one. You can never go wrong with these. I have worn my boyfriends before to get a grunge look and style it up with a cute pair of boots as well. Flannels you can pretty much buy anywhere and honestly I have even seen a few cute ones from Walmart so don’t count those ones out! This one here is from Hollister, like many of my shirts have been. But I definitely have some from other stores that are just as good of quality that aren’t so expensive. My leggings this time are not Lulu they are made by a company called Threads 4 Thought. Some of the most comfortable and soft leggings I have worn. Not see through either! I have recently become aware of this company with these leggings being a gift for Christmas and I have found a few things I am craving to buy from them. The jacket I have on is old but I am in love with it still. The zippers at the bottoms of the sleeves are my favorite part of the jacket. Although I could no long find it online it is from a company called Carmin. Boots are probably my weakness, well shoes in general are my weakness. Combat boots I have to say are definitely a go to when wearing leggings I sometimes even wear them with shorts. No I don’t do the slutty look but hey who doesn’t want to look sexy at times?! Speaking of sexy, I recently cut my hair.. Definitely in LOVE with the cut. My hair dresser always knows how to make me look awesome! Let’s get some sexy styles up here! 


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