Adventure Life 

                                                                         Boots (similar) 
So I’m super on the go all the time, but I definitely love adventures. The boots and leggings will always just be a go to in my life. When on the go it’s so easy to just put on a pair of leggings and slip on some boots and go on with what you have to do in your life. The leggings are Victoria Secret Pink brand. I love them and have so many pairs of them. I literally live in leggings to be honest. They are so comfy but it is hard to find a pair that aren’t see through. I have found a few pairs wishing Pink and many pairs at Lulu. My button up silk shirt is from American Eagle it is old but hey it definitely is a favorite of mine. Definitely could also be paired with a pair of jeans as well. Boots, boots, boots! I love boots if you have not noticed. These ones are from Madden Girl and are comfortable!! I also do wear thick socks inside being that my feet are always cold. Definitely am trying to find a paid of knee high boots at the moment. Leggings usually always go well with boots. Such an awesome way to go with these cold weather days! 


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