Face full of Beauty 

Noxzema | Mud Mask | Skin Scrub
I have to say I have been a little obsessive over these face products lately. I have been using different products at the very least once a week to liven up my face as well as take care of it. I’ve been using the skin scrub first to take all the dead skin cells off my face. Definitely a plus because who just wants dry dead skin on their face. Second I use the Noxzema to moisturize and clean my face from the dry skin. It also is a good face wash and keeps your face feeling clean and tight. Lastly I use the mud mask to detox and brighten my face. It’s to die for. I absolutely love the mask. I do want to buy the other two masks that L’Oreal has made. I will definitely be getting those and letting you all know how AMAZING they are. 

The Biore strips I only use when I feel my face is super oily from time to time I will put one on my nose to take the oil off. The two hair ties I have are now my favorite with them only being the rubber part and not the cloth part. Definitely don’t tear as easily as the other hair ties and stay in my hair very well for workouts! 


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