Candy Rock Adventure

Due to all this rain I have definitely been wishing it was summer time. During the summer my friends and I usually take a day to go out to one of the most awesome places I’ve been to, Candy Rock. I absolutely love this place. You definitely are able to get away from any distractions out in the world. There is no cell service of any type and you have to drive down a ways in order to be able to hike down where the water is. We usually take sandwiches and snacks from Safeway down to the area as well as an ice chest full of drinks for the day. Dressing appropriately is a must because it is very hard to hike down with flipflops on. I do bring my nikes to hike down to the water in as well as wearing shorts and a tank over. I usually bring a back pack for necessities like sun screen and towels as well as my Sanuks that I tend to wear in the water. The bathing suit is no longer on the site but it is by Victoria Secret PINK and I absolutely love it! My fanny pack I got as well from VS for free for spending a certain amount that day. The hat I bought from Urban Outfitters and has been one of my favorite for awhile seeing as I’m obsessed with camo. It is definitely a fun place to get away and jump off some rocks into the water, just be careful out there. I definitely got over some of my being in the water fears with this place because I was able to jump off and land in some cool areas. There are some awesome people out there as well to meet and hangout with! 

Come back Summer!!!!

Urban Outfitters Hats | Sanuks


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