The Body Shop

                                                       Tea Tree Combo

Tea tree is the bomb dot com. I came across these beauty products at Ulta this past weekend that is made by The Body Shop. The skin cleanse facial wash is the first step I use when washing my face. Obviously it’s just a simple face wash like all normal face washes. Second I use the Tea Tree Tone it removes traces of makeup and impurities. Awesome for getting extra makeup residue off. Third I use the Tea Tree Oil, it helps combat existing blemishes. My face is definitely feeling it when I use more makeup then usual and this definitely helps with those breakouts. Fourth step is the Tea Tree Moisturizer, it is used to provide lightweight hydration and controls any excess oils to help prevent blemishes. Always a plus to hydrate your face and keep the oil to a minimum. Last but not least is the Tea Tree face mask, it leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed, refreshed and instantly cool. It is a fresh clean feeling before bed. I do have other masks I have used, talked about in previous posts, that I do still use even when not using the Tea Tree one. I got the deluxe pack and was able to get it on sale, I absolutely am obsessed with this buy. I encourage you guys to try! 

XOXO, Nnes


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