Long you live and high you fly. And SMILES you’ll give and tears you’ll cry.

So no I was never as involved in the Rock world as I have been lately due to the fact that not only do my parents listen to it but so does my boyfriend. I have become very fond of the rock world. This Pink Flyod tee is one of my new favorites. I bought it with three other rock tees from target and definitely weren’t expensive. I did get them in the men’s section, being that I did get Chris two tees of his own. Along with this one I bought a Nirvana one that I absolutely love! This one in particular is a small of course they didn’t have any extra smalls but I was able to tie it off in the front and get a good outfit feel for this look. I couldn’t help but to pair them with my black distressed jeggings from PacSun, but of course I paired them with my oh so comfy Chuck Taylor 2. The glasses I am wearing are Calvin Klein and I have been obsessed with CK lately. I’m so obsessed with these rock tees and I definitely will be making them apart of my closet wear.


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