Loving Dresses

Love love love dresses, they are definitely my favorite to wear! The reason being that I don’t really have to pair everything up with it such as pants or shorts. Keeping it simple is the way to go, especially when you want to just throw something on and still look chic and fashionable for the day. Now I usually wear this dress with flat sandals. I although wanted to dress this casual dress up a bit by adding these little booties. I love the look of the booties due to the fact they are different with the lace up and the fringe on the ends of them. I’ll be honest though they are not the most comfortable to walk around in. They definitely gave my feet a run for their money while walking around in Vegas last year with my boyfriend. So I would definitely be careful with where you wear them out to. I added the hat for some flavor and pizazz. I don’t wear much jewelry so I try and dress things up a bit with other accessories. I’ve worn this dress out on many occasions and is definitely soft and comfortable. I can’t help but always wear my go to lipstick that is from MAC and is called Stone. Of course because it does look like stone. I feel like it gives me a pop with a statement as well.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I would love to show off more looks with my dresses and heels although the weather hasn’t been so spring time fine lately with all this rain and snow. I will be up in Susanville where most of my heels and dresses are so maybe I’ll be able to do some photos up there.

The dress is from forever 21 it is old but there are definitely plenty around in stores at the moment. The shoes were bought at Tilly’s, they as well have a black pair that I have been looking at and may attempt to buy.



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