Neutral Color.

I love off the shoulder things that just flow and can be worn in this breezy weather.

These jeans though are beyond amazing, they are Hudson and here I am wearing a 25 waist. Yes I have very thick thighs and a booty so sometimes it is very hard to find jeans that will fit my waist, thighs and booty. The white jeans are always daring to wear especially having to make sure you don’t sit in anything that would ruin them. But I have been very fond of these white pair of jeans.

The heels I have had for a while so they are oldies but I have them both in this pair and a black pair that I absolutely love. They are made by Jessica Simpson and honestly they are comfortable, even for a night out. And as many of you know I’m not exactly a giant so I always love the platform. Also heels definitely show off my leg muscles, so that is always a plus! The clutch is Louis Vuitton and is the dark brown with the LV all on it. Always a good way to go when you don’t have much to carry with you.

Happy Days Lovies!

XOXO, Nnes!


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