Fitness for Days 

Lately I’ve definitely been focusing on my fitness and staying fit. I have been definitely feeling it lately, I love keeping myself motivated. It can be hard at times but I know I will definitely benefit from it. My boyfriend (Chris) pretty much has his own gym in his garage. Being able to work out with him is definitely motivating due to the fact that he helps me and pushes me more than anything. He as well helps me with technique as well as my breathing. I couldn’t ask for a better motivator. 

Today’s workout consisted of: 

  • Squats that I built up to 155 pounds and rocked it. 
  • Irish steps: I did 5, 15 on each leg. 
  • Sit ups: 4 x 40 


Motivation at its finest. ​​


Continuing to better ourselves is what we plan on doing. Working together is always fun to see what each other is doing. 


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