Casual to Bar Style 

It’s been a real chill out here lately in little Susanville. While out the other day I threw together this outfit which I know is very simple. I tend to wear jeans that are a tighter fit. 

1. Although they are capris I have had to roll them a little due to being short. Short girl probs. They are an old pair of jeans bought from Abercrombie. Can be found  here. The top is one of my favorites this year which was bought from Cotton On at 3 for $30 so I definitely couldn’t pass up that with those amazing graphic tees. Cotton on is one of my favorite stores, they are a very simple company with tons of pop to their pieces. I wore this outfit out and about with my faux leather jacket which is always a go to when I don’t know what other jacket to wear. The jacket is old but here is a Similar one. 

With this outfit I was able to dress it up with a pair of booties that were bought in Riverside earlier this year from Tillys. Chris loved them off me and made me try then on. 

The booties are always a great touch when you want a casual outfit to be dressed up ever so slightly. 


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