Simple Beauty 

The simple things in life are amazing! I love simple yet eye catching. The makeup here is from MAC Cosmetics, although I have switched over my foundation I still have a love for their lipsticks and primers. The powder here I use for setting my makeup and keeping my face from getting oily. I tend to have somewhat of a dry face until I put makeup on and then it gets oily so I use the powder to soften and it keep things flowing. The lipstick on display is my go to for spring and summer. It is more of a pink color although it can look like a nude once put on. It pretty much goes with everything I wear during the spring and summer. The color of the lipstick is called Mehr, it is definitely a great purchase. The simple lingerie is one of my new favorites. It was bought at Victoria’s Secret it was apart of a sneak preview for the Semi Annual Sale going on now. I absolutely love lingerie so does my boyfriend seeing as he’s bought me plenty. I can absolutely say there’s more to come. I have a big love for lingerie and want more because hey just like shoes you can never have enough. Cotton on has had some amazingly scented candles this one in particular Christopher and I found in Riverside in February. I have written about it before and might I say I love burning it. 
Semi Annual Sale // Mac Cosmetics // Cotton On


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