Jump Suit Life Style 

This weekend I was able to come home and spend some time with my family, while doing so I attended my best friends baby shower. It was an awesome opportunity to go out and find something dressy to wear for the occasion. I am the godmother of little Eliana and I couldn’t be more excited for the soon to be momma. 

The jumpsuit I wore is from Ross being that I have pretty much only one store to go out and shop from living up in Susanville. It was an awesome find being that I literally got it for $6.99. I’m usually the one to wear rompers so wear a jumpsuit wasn’t much of a change other than they have more material on the bottom part. Although it is a hassle to go to the bathroom in they are always super cute if you can pull it off. 

The stripes on the suit are flattering and I love all the colors combined within it. I paired them with more of an open toed shoe to add to the flair bottoms. I didn’t wear much jewelry being that the neck went high, so I matched the outfit with some gold earings. I tend to not carry a purse so I just had my phone. Over all I’m so happy with the new find that I got and will be showing more later on. As well as my hair tutorial I had today. 

What are your fav summer finds this year? 


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