Chillin with My Off Shoulder 

Recently I had become a fan of the off shoulder, I was never really a fan off the whole off Shoulder thing being that I kind of have broad shoulders and well didn’t like it much. But hey, who cares?! I can definitely pull it off and have come around to loving them! I can definitely say I was over thinking the whole shoulder thing and should have just tried it from the beginning. The top was bought from Ross obviously not a name brand though. I loved it because it was different and not like the gangham style ones I’ve seen. I can totally have fun and rock them during summer and spring as well as carrying them into the fall. I paired them with a pair of my high waisted shorts from American Eagle as well as my Sperry boat shoes. 

I love wearing the high waisted shorts due to the fact that I feel like my legs can breathe a lot better. These Sperry’s were bought a long time ago and secret is they were definitely in the kids section. So super score! I love being able to wear kids sizes as well. I have to say they whole look is definitely wearable as an everyday outfit or even for a family BBQ day. I of course had a fun day with my pups! 


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