Flawlessly FUN

Tanned bod called for some crop tops and cute flow shorts. I honestly have had this outfit since I was a sophomore in college. Which wasn't too long ago but long enough. I've always had a love for the shorts during summer time and love the fact that they are so comfortable. Sometimes jean shorts can get a little uncomfortable for me due to the fact that my legs rub against each other. I do have another pair of shorts like these only in black and white with a totally different design which I have paired before with a long sleeve top and my white vans with of course my Red Sox hat! I have great legs so why not show them off. The outfit is from American Eagle all the way except the bag. Originally what was once my makeup bag can also be used as a fun playful clutch purse. Super fun and flirty I might say.

Oh my POSH!

Trying new products for the love of Posh! I had the opportunity to get offered by a friend, Jamie Lowery, her husband plays with Chris on his travel softball team. She is putting her name out there with Perfectly Posh products. She sent me and plenty of others products to sample and try! Let me tell you these products are amazing! The first thing I tested out was the soap bar for a facial cleansing.

The soap bar made my face feel squeaky clean and fresh as well as my body. I definitely recommend this bar and as well as definitely test other bath and facial cleansers out! It is a coconut bar and the smell of it is even amazing!

The next product is the Indigo Girl, it is a body butter! Who doesn't love a good body butter that leaves you feeling smooth and silky. It is shea butter enriched with safflower seed oil it soothes skin with inflammatory properties intense moisture!

The next product is Look Natural Best Face Forever ( BFF ) along with Night and Day you are the one. The BFF is an exfoliating wash, which gets in there and cleans out those pores. Definitely a must for these dirty summer outing at the lake or at the park. The moisturizers are used for both night and morning and make a difference in how smooth and sleek your skin is. Always wanting to wake up with moisturized skin, there's no time for dryness.

Lastly I have the Pineapple Pick-me-Up, this is a face mask with of course pineapple! It not only rejuvenates my skin but definitely smells amazing as well! The mask breaks down dry skin cells for a rapid exfoliation. Definitely going to be needing more of this!

I am definitely amazed and happy with the products and will be buying them soon, I couldn't help but fall in love with them. Not only do they have a woman's line but they also have a men's line. Chris does love trying all my facial washes and masks so there will be a couples masking picture and test run out soon! So don't forget to go to Perfectly Posh and try these amazing products, they won't disappoint!
Thanks for reading!

Black Body Suit

Going crazy over body suits! I absolutely love the one piece look and pairing them with shorts and capris this summer! They are my fav, I bought this one at The Makeup Parlor in Stockton. Yes, that's what it is called. They had many different colors but black is definitely what fits in my closet. I have a need for more!

The open back made me fall even more in love with the body suit. I paired the suit with these vintage shorts. They were bought at American Eagle and I absolutely love the vintage fit. They button all the way up and do not have a zipper. It gives a good touch with the open back and then being high waisted.

The shoes I have on are my nike olive green running shoes which I of course absolutely love. I mean who doesn't love the olive green shoes?!

Space Buns How To

Recently I went to my best friends baby shower and tried a new half updo. I always have trouble doing my hair considering my hair is straight and never wants to do anything I want it to do.

1. Step one would be to get everything you need

  • Bobby pins
  • Mini rubber bands
  • Hair Spray

2. Split your hair down the middle so you get and even amount of hair on both sides. Although I do have more hair on one side of my head than I do the other it is important so they don't come out different sizes.

3. I then grabbed the front chunk of my hair and split it from the back.

4. I then took that chunk and twisted it. I did add some hair spray to try and keep it held in.

5. I then twisted the hair into a bun and used a rubber band to keep it in place while I used bobby pins to keep it intact. It wasn't easy to put a million bobby pins in my hair but the first time I did it, all that was holding my hair up was bobby pins. So if you get a good hold shake your head a little to see if it'll stay through out the day!

You then will follow the steps for the next side and you will be able to fluff out the buns as well for as big as you want. They will need some hair spray after to help keep them in place as well.

Taadah! I love these things because it's so different and not something that I'm used to. Such an awesome hair style even for those festival looks!

Tank Sweater Dress

I can definitely tell you I've been looking everywhere for one of these. So I totally didn't think I would have been able to pull it off.

I came across it when a really good friend of mine I met from Susanville let me try it on and have it. Let me say, I love it. It is perfect for summer weather or even when you want to wear it over a bathing suit. I paired it with my white vans which honestly aren't so white, definitely need to wash them. The dress is an amazing feel as well and has an added hoodie onto it. Wearing this dress although I have to be careful it is a tad short and would definitely not be good if I had a slip so maybe some spanx under would be greatly added.

Neutral Beauty

I have a daring soul some of the time but other times I like to keep things casual and neutral as well as keeping my face looking natural as well. I have a love for the olive green color and now that I am definitely tan from spending two weekends in Tahoe, I can say that the olive green color looks so much better on my legs skin tones. Obviously I paired the outfit in a while as neutral colors with the grey top and as well as my Chuck Taylor 2 converse. They are lined inside with a nike sole and I absolutely love that about them. Never the less I added my own touch with the purse and the watch to bring things out a little more. The brown and gold make it pop a little more and bring more sass to the outfit as well as throwing in the bralette I have on. I absolutely love wearing the bralette during summer and even fall makes a simple shirt or sweater pop when given the right off shoulder or even loose neck.
What's your favorite accessory to add?!
Happy Wednesday Lovies!

Jumpsuit Joys

As you can see I have been loving jumpsuits and rompers. They are always my go to when I don't feel like getting all dressed up and refuse to put things together. The jumpsuit is one that I wore for 4th of July this year. I can definitely say I loved being able to be comfortable while hanging out and barbecuing with friends. I definitely feel the jumpsuit trend and have been wanting more.
I recently came across this Steve Madden bag and fell in love with it. Christopher even told me it was a great find. Oh and did I mention I got it for $30. I have to say it was and is definitely the greatest find I have found. I absolutely love it! I have been trying to find a tan or brown bag due to only having black and grey. The purse is bigger than what I am used to but I can definitely get used to it. It has a satchel cross body as well as arm straps. I love having both straps on it due to never knowing how I'm going to handle everything that I carry while running around out and about.

Sports Bra// Leggings (similar)
I've been all about Calvin Klein for awhile now and have to say I'm still all about it. I have been super in love with this sports bra not only for working out but for lounging around in. The sports bra and leggings are super comfortable and definitely a good fit for running errands in during the day. I had no problem with them they continued to stay their stretchy self all day. The sports bra I'd say adds a good touch with it being a criss cross in the front. These are all great because most of the performance stuff I just bought I know see is on sale! I have linked them to the post and I hope you all enjoy just as much as I do!
I am a fool for leggings and cannot get enough of them! I definitely have to say that I will be getting more and showing you the different ways I style them!

Summer Love 

This summer I’ve been a little more on the not so dressing up trend, I love to keep things simple. I love being comfortable as well, especially running around doing errands. These past couple of weeks have been real busy for Christopher and I, having back to back trips to Tahoe one for a tournament and two for a family vacation with my framily (family friends). I wanted to be able to run some errands while Hubs was working and I was able to pack our stuff and get some last minute things to help our travel necessities. 

I absolutely love stretchy pants and how they are able to let my thick legs and booty breathe. I can say that pairing it with a simple white tank was definitely the best choice. I gave it a little pizazz by adding the sandals which have some gold and silver touches. I also added in the lipstick which I love and will probably be sharing more of. Darker colors are always my go to with lipsticks. Comfort goes a long way while running errands. Wearing loose braids was also a look I was going for. The messy hair style is sorta my thing due to the fact that I tend to either mess it up anyways or Chris likes to think it’s funny and messes it up for me. 

Without lipstick works as well to keep things simple but it does add a touch when your are about to take off and leave for a weekend getta way with the hubs and family. Share your comfy errand clothes! 


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