Neutral Dress

This dress is a repeat from summer to the cooler weather. I transitioned it by pairing it with some of my rain boots as well as a olive colored utility jacket. The dress has the black and white stripes, which both colors mix well with anything. It is more of a tshirt dress with the way it curves in the front. I love the feel and how soft it is as well as the way it is breatheable. Pairing it with rain boots of such is great even with a high sock. The jacket ads to it being that it goes with the fall colors of the season. I have so much love for this color, it’s usually always worn. 

What color will you be wearing this season? 

Xoxo, Nnes. 


Faux Leather Feels

This jacket will be on repeat a lot this season as well as it was last year. I love pairing it with jeans as well as maybe even some leggings. I can tell you this will get a lot of wear this season. I usually tend to layer it with a zip up or a sweatshirt underneath being that I sized up and bought it a little bigger. I bought this particular jacket from Hollister and I love it! It is smooth like butter as well! A faux leather jacket should be a closet staple. I love having it in my closet it goes great with everything even a pair of joggers! I have fun wearing this jacket because well it is super motto styled. I also wanted to have a color make it pop more so I paired it with a rustic orange and it was definitely a good choice. 

What’s your favorite jacket for the season? 


Target Baby 

This lover girl is making another appearance on today’s baby blog. She’s rockin’ some target clothing and might I say she’s rockin’ it well. She knows just how to complete her outfits with sass.   Target kids clothing is always amazing super durable and very fun and funky for kiddos. Her leggings I absolutely love because, well they are pink and it is my favorite color. Her complexion always looks amazing with the blush pink, the grey makes the colors pop as well! She’s sportin’ some Nike running shoes, just like her Nina always does. Might I say she’s one beautiful little girl. 

Audrina Rose you’re beautiful. 

Cold Shoulder 

I love the cooler weather. This week has been a little tough for my family and I but we all thank you for being there for us. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

I was able to get a little session in with some of my favorite destroyed denim from American Eagle and a new cold shoulder top from Ross. I have to say the cold shoulder is a must for a breezy day because it still keeps you cool when the wind stops blowing. I am in love with how soft it feels as well super smooth and silky. I can tell you now that I have found so many cute tops from Ross and as well as so many leggings I’m in love with. I hope you enjoy the outfit as much as I do! 

XOXO, Nnes

We love and miss you Steven, very much. Please watch over us as we all watch over your little girl. 

Off Shoulder

I had a lot of fun with off shoulders this summer. I have added a few to my closet and absolutely am loving it. I was always hesitant to wear off shoulders but I have broadened my horizon and get a few goodies for my closet. This black off shoulder I got from a family boutique in Fresno. I feel in love with it! I do pair it with some Capri jeans as well. I was just having some fun the other day and threw this outfit together. It’s a great closet staple with it being black. It’s very versatile and can be worn in fall weather as well the sleeve have an elastic band on them so they are able to be pushed up as I have them here and able to just be let down for when I wear this too with jeans. With the cooler weather it is able to be worn with a jacket and still look stylish. 



Breezy Shorties

Running around in some breezie shorties and my blush pink tank. I have a love for these shorts like no other. I’ve had them for about two years and LOVE them. The outfit is from American Eagle, my store as Christopher likes to call it. Being that I do get a lot of my clothing from there. The shorts aren’t the ones that stick to you when it’s hot out but they keep you cool with the flow of them. They are easy to just run around in. I did wear them once to brothers graduation as well but it was a whole different outfit and was stymied with some of my heels. I can honestly say I have about four pairs of the same material. They have an easily stretchable elastic band as well. I wear them a little high waisted and they do great job of staying up. The floral print has always been one of my favs and pairing the shorts with a plain blush pink shirt makes the shorts stand out more. The sunnies are my fav from Charming Charlie and I have to say they are durable especially since I have been out on the lake a million times with them. They aren’t expensive which is another reason why I wear them out there but they are also very trendy. 

Happy Shopping. 

Comfy Run Arounds

Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold. 

                                                 -Proverbs 11:27

I love being comfortable and running errands who doesn’t? I fell in love with the jeans forever ago. They have been on here plenty of times, I paired it with a simple white tee tucked in front. I got it a size bigger just for that reason. I was running errands and while doing that had a mani/pedi done. I can tell you that jeans from American Eagle are my favorite! The top honestly was bought from Walmart totally was just a spur of the moment but because I NEEDED a white tee. I paired the outfit with some Birkenstocks which I received for Christmas last year. I sometimes have problems walking all day in them but they are a pair of my favorite sandals. The purse is Vince Camuto and Lord do I love it. It was a gift from my mom about three years ago and is amazing! She got it on sale in Vegas I’m pretty sure for cheaper than what it originally cost. These purses are so expensive so it was definitely a steal. 

Sandals || Vince Camuto (currently craving this purse) || Capri Jeans (currently craving these jeans) || White Tee (from madewell/ so amazing) 

Blushin’ in Pink 

Yes I’m wearing some cooler weather clothes. The blush pink is totally in lately. I paired it with of course a neutral color such as black because that’s mainly what I love wearing. I can tell you that I’m more into the blush pink than normal. I have a few things in this color and it goes great with the black and even an olive green! This color will definitely be making more of an appearance in my closet. Pink being my favorite color it is definitely a must for me to add to my collection. I tend to wear black when I’m trying to have a certain color pop and make that statement, and I felt that this was a great way. The jacket isn’t anything super special, it is a very simple piece. The fabric is thin enough to wear at least two layers under it and with that I plan on maybe wearing a zip up under it from time to time. It looks great with boots and especially some rain boots. Although it is not a rain jacket it can be used to just run to the car in very quickly. Definitely will be needing more jackets here soon. 



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