Sporty Life

I’ve always been in love with dressing sporty. It’s always so comfortable and more my style. 

I’ve always loved being comfortable and lounging in what I wear and of course I’m obsessed with shoes. I’m always aiming to be comfortable and stylish with what I choose to wear. Dressing up, yes is always fun, but I love being in leggings and a tank or tee with some stylish running shoes. I have about 15 different nikes. Yes that’s a lot, but they are always so comfortable to wear! I wear a size 6 so most of the time my size is always gone or something so I’m glad I was able to find these shoes in my size! 

Happy sporty chic! 



Be the Girl in the Black Bathing Suit 

I know I have been a little MIA lately with my blog. I do have to share this amazing bathing suit I recently received for my birthday. This Suit was bought from Windsor Store. I’m so in love with the mesh detailing and how it doesn’t have a need for accessories. I am wearing a small in this suit and their clothes are true to size. I couldn’t be more happy with it! I paired it with my obvious favorite hat lately. These sunnies as well were amazing and super cute for the deal I couldn’t pass up from Charming Charlie

She wears all black like her soul, but has a heart of gold.

My summer trends will be up here soon enough with all this hot weather going on! I can’t wait for tanning to be in full effect as well as beach days and summer vibes to begin my life in a different place! Catch you on the flip side lovies! 

Xoxo, Nnes. 

Trendy Off Shoulder

So this off shoulder has been a trend that has been around for awhile now and I absolutely love it, Especially with my tattoos. I am able to show them off even more. This top was bought at American Eagle and there were more like it! Although I would recommend watching out for this white one maybe being see through on the top part so be careful to maybe wear something under it. The jeans I have worn before from Abercrombie. Let me tell you about these wedges definitely a favorite made by Marc Fisher and there are a select others that I would love to get my little feet into!

This outfit was worn to my sisters cheer banquet and wasn’t too dressy like I had wanted considering it was a day banquet and not a night one. It was a great idea and forever will love this off shoulder trend!

Hope your weekend was great!

Peace and Love

Three days or peace, music and love. I love this shirt. Although it is from Walmart and from the men’s section it is definitely a great graphic tee to wear out and about. Especially since our world has been a bit of a mess lately. Speaks to me! Definitely have been wanting to buy more graphic tees not only to wear out and about but I have a tendency to work out in them as well!

Spread the peace and LOVE!

Fitness for Days 

Lately I’ve definitely been focusing on my fitness and staying fit. I have been definitely feeling it lately, I love keeping myself motivated. It can be hard at times but I know I will definitely benefit from it. My boyfriend (Chris) pretty much has his own gym in his garage. Being able to work out with him is definitely motivating due to the fact that he helps me and pushes me more than anything. He as well helps me with technique as well as my breathing. I couldn’t ask for a better motivator. 

Today’s workout consisted of: 

  • Squats that I built up to 155 pounds and rocked it. 
  • Irish steps: I did 5, 15 on each leg. 
  • Sit ups: 4 x 40 


Motivation at its finest. ​​


Continuing to better ourselves is what we plan on doing. Working together is always fun to see what each other is doing. 

Neutral Color.

I love off the shoulder things that just flow and can be worn in this breezy weather.

These jeans though are beyond amazing, they are Hudson and here I am wearing a 25 waist. Yes I have very thick thighs and a booty so sometimes it is very hard to find jeans that will fit my waist, thighs and booty. The white jeans are always daring to wear especially having to make sure you don’t sit in anything that would ruin them. But I have been very fond of these white pair of jeans.

The heels I have had for a while so they are oldies but I have them both in this pair and a black pair that I absolutely love. They are made by Jessica Simpson and honestly they are comfortable, even for a night out. And as many of you know I’m not exactly a giant so I always love the platform. Also heels definitely show off my leg muscles, so that is always a plus! The clutch is Louis Vuitton and is the dark brown with the LV all on it. Always a good way to go when you don’t have much to carry with you.

Happy Days Lovies!

XOXO, Nnes!

Loving Dresses

Love love love dresses, they are definitely my favorite to wear! The reason being that I don’t really have to pair everything up with it such as pants or shorts. Keeping it simple is the way to go, especially when you want to just throw something on and still look chic and fashionable for the day. Now I usually wear this dress with flat sandals. I although wanted to dress this casual dress up a bit by adding these little booties. I love the look of the booties due to the fact they are different with the lace up and the fringe on the ends of them. I’ll be honest though they are not the most comfortable to walk around in. They definitely gave my feet a run for their money while walking around in Vegas last year with my boyfriend. So I would definitely be careful with where you wear them out to. I added the hat for some flavor and pizazz. I don’t wear much jewelry so I try and dress things up a bit with other accessories. I’ve worn this dress out on many occasions and is definitely soft and comfortable. I can’t help but always wear my go to lipstick that is from MAC and is called Stone. Of course because it does look like stone. I feel like it gives me a pop with a statement as well.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I would love to show off more looks with my dresses and heels although the weather hasn’t been so spring time fine lately with all this rain and snow. I will be up in Susanville where most of my heels and dresses are so maybe I’ll be able to do some photos up there.

The dress is from forever 21 it is old but there are definitely plenty around in stores at the moment. The shoes were bought at Tilly’s, they as well have a black pair that I have been looking at and may attempt to buy.


Baby Model 

This little baby is my goddaughter. She is quite the character these days with her attitude and sassiness. I love her to death! She’s such a cutie. Then again she does have the best Nina. Her dress of course is too cute. It is from H&M and lately they have been having good steals on dresses for little girls! As well as cute clothes for little boys. Her sandals are salt waters which I have been dying to buy lately for myself. She is such the fashionista. I may not be able to style my own child seeing as I’m not a mother yet, but I will definitely be dressing her like a little fashion model. 

Weekend Blues

Courtesy of still being spoiled by my grandparents, my grandma bought me some stuff from American Eagle and I absolutely love my new shorts and tee. They were having a sale and I absolutely love the new vintage high waist shorts they have on sale. Stop in there and get some shorts. I paired them with some high top converse in one and then paired them with my Birkenstocks in another. Both are very comfortable and of course this outfit is versatile.

The sun NEEDS to STAY!

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